Feast of Our Lady of the Letter
Messina celebrates every year on June 3rd, the Madonna of the Letter, patron saint of the city and and patron saint of the Archdiocese, with a participated procession of the silver fercolo with the silver statue of the Madonna, modelled by Lio Gangeri in 1902 and the relic of Mary's hair contained in a precious ostensory (the letter was lost in one of the many fires that devastated the cathedral during its troubled history).

The Assumption: Procession of the "Vara" and of the "Giants"
The most important festival is, however, the one that takes place in Mid-August every year: it is carried in procession by almost two thousand believers, dressed in white and barefoot, an old votive machine: the Vara, has depicted the phases of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven. The procession attracts a growing crowd of visitors, which exceeded an amount of 200,000. In the days before August 15, the city streets are walked by the jubilant procession of the two Giants and of the Camel, along with several folk groups. In particular, the two colossal statues on horseback represent the legendary founders of the city, Mata of Messina and the brown Griffin (called "the giants and gigantissa").

International Fair
In the near of some exhibition center the big international sample take place (every year, from the 1st to the 15th of August) together with a lot of other fairy shows, related to a specific field, during the year. The Messina Fair is the oldest in the World: it was founded the 2nd of April 1296 by Federico II d'Aragona which allowed people of Messina, for fifteen days a year, to open a Fair without paying taxes.